Repowering Boats with Volvo Penta – A Johnson Towers Specialty

Re-powering boats is a Johnson Tower’s speciality. Periodically we like to share our work so read more about some of our latest jobs below. Both examples powered by Volvo and for different applications. Whatever your re-powering needs, Johnson Towers has you covered. Contact Us to learn more.

We just repowered this 2005 28’ Carolina Classic and we could not be happier with the results.

The “Pension Plan” was powered with twin Volvo D4-260’s and repowered with twin Volvo Penta D4-300’s

Old cruise speed was 23 knots at 21 gph. New cruise speed is 26 knots at 21 gph, fast cruise of 29 knots at 25 gph

She picked up 3 knots cruise and top speed while burning less fuel. She has an efficient cruise speed of 22.5 knots is 18 gph.

JT Repower 50 foot utility work boat

This 50 foot utility work boat is repowered by a pair of our Volvo Penta D11 510’s. 

She’ll enjoy a nice bump in fuel economy and performance

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