We recently had the opportunity to repower two Volvo Penta powered vessels: a 28’ Carolina Classic and a 50’ workboat.

Pension Plan

Since 2005, twin Volvo Penta D4-260s powered the Carolina Classic, affectionately named Pension Plan. After many years of reliable service, Pension Plan retired her original engines and replaced them with twin Volvo Penta D4-300s. The new engines are stronger and more efficient, increasing overall fuel economy and top speed. With her new Volvo Penta engines, Pension Plan’s new cruise speed is 26 knots at 21 gph, easily surpassing her old cruise speed of 23 knots at 21 gph. Her new efficient cruise speed of 22.5 knots helps reduce fuel consumption to 18 gph.

Northstar 4

Currently, our repower team is at work on a Northstar Marine utility workboat, the Northstar 4. We are replacing her 425 hp Volvo Penta 102-As with a new pair of 510 hp Volvo Penta D11s. The 50’ workboat is for hire as a buoy tender or as a first responder in oil cleanups. In 2010, Northstar Marine and its workboats were heavily involved as one of the first responders to the cleanup of the BP oil spill. Once the repower is complete, Northstar 4 will see an increase in fuel economy and performance while on the water.

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