Johnson & Towers recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.  The company was established in 1926 by Walter F. Johnson Sr. and his partner, Joseph A. Towers, in Philadelphia.  It wasn’t long before the Towers family sold their share of the business and it has continued within the Johnson family for four generations.  The nature of the business and its applications have changed dramatically since then as we have kept pace with the ever-advancing needs of our customers.

Our background was in the marine business with the mantra of “Everything for Your Boat” sounding very similar to today’s All Makes emphasis in the On-Highway business = “Everything for Your Truck” (or your motor coach). The company enjoyed a world-wide focus with its line of marinized marine engines that became famous throughout the pleasure-craft industry.  We then grew our reputation in the diesel engine and transmission on-highway markets.  Now we are continuing to expand as a bumper to tail light supplier of parts and service across the board to all makes and models of vehicles.  Our power systems technicians are deployed throughout the Mid-Atlantic area in a fleet of service vehicles equipped to maintain generators of all types.  Our training and tooling in all of these areas sets the standard for the industry.  We have two full-time trainers that keep our personnel up-to-date on all of the technical innovations in the engine and transmission arena.