Your business depends on flawless performance; Indel Power Group’s goal is to be there — whenever and wherever you need us. We utilize factory trained technicians in all our shops to properly fix your equipment the first time. In addition to the traditional resources of trained technicians and service bay capacity, we have vehicles equipped for onsite Fleet Maintenance. We offer a wide range of PM and full-service contracts that will fit your needs.


Whether you are a large fleet, an independent driver, or owner/ operator, we have a program that is right for you! We can tailor a PM Program to suit your company’s needs.  

J&T WBD marine technician
Technician working on an Allison H 40/50 EV Drive


Every minute you’re off the road means lost revenue. We diagnose your technical issue and make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible, to get you back up and running on the road where you belong. 


Not ready to invest in a new truck? We offer multiple overhaul and replacement options to provides new life for older trucks. We can repair and reassemble your original engine to make it perform like new, extending the life of your truck for many years. If a truck is still in good condition, overhauling the engine, saves owners time and money, and avoids the expense of a new truck. 

Sea Creature Repower