Genuine Marine Parts Offer Quality and Longevity, Less Downtime

Photo of Genuine MTU and Volvo Penta parts

To prolong the life of your marine engine, one of the main things an owner can do is use genuine parts for repairs and replacements. Genuine parts are built to factory specifications and can be easily obtained through Johnson & Towers, an Indel Power Group company.

“With genuine parts the repair is done right the first time to meet factory specifications, while providing factory warranty to the owner,” says John Beavers, Corporate Procurement Manager, Indel Power Group. “Our technicians are thoroughly and specifically trained to service mtu and Volvo Penta marine engines.”

When Aftermarket parts are used, they can fail prematurely, resulting in additional downtime for the owner. Being Aftermarket, these parts are not built to factory specs, often causing them to not perform at the same standard as genuine parts. Johnson & Towers stocks genuine parts, and should there be a part failure, the company can handle factory warranty submissions for the customer.

“We have direct access to the parts catalog and original build information to assist customers in finding the correct part. We can order, install, and maintain any part for the customer – it’s very convenient for them,” says Beavers.

Johnson & Towers has seamless, convenient access and long-standing relationships with companies, such as mtu and Volvo Penta. This ensures marine customers are getting the highest-quality parts installed by factory-trained technicians.

mtu has stringent guidelines for ensuring durability and reliability developed through engineering and design of their engine parts. For example, factory-built parts are developed and designed to meet IMO and EPA certifications, whereas nongenuine parts do not always meet those requirements.

“Manufacturers of non-OE market parts are developed through reverse engineering. They appeal to customers because the cost is lower, initially,” says Ed Horn, Senior Service Sales Product Support Manager, mtu. “However, in the long run, it will cost the customer more because reliability and durability are not there.”

By using sub-standard parts, the effect can be failure and the engine and corresponding systems will not run as smoothly. Years of proving and testing go into all parts to manufacture the highest-quality products. The mtu product line is available online for customer convenience, including older parts, and has a check and balance system built in to allow customers to purchase the correct product.

“Parts are readily available, including legacy parts,” says Horn. “Our standard warranty is one year for genuine and legacy parts, and when purchasing a new engine, the customer can add up to 11 years of extended warranty.”

Volvo Penta provides the entire Volvo Penta marine dealer network with a world-class supply chain and logistics service, accessible through their online parts ordering system.

“By using genuine Volvo Penta parts, it ensures your engine and drive system can maintain performance at its peak potential. Parts are designed, tested, and manufactured to meet the same high-quality requirements as the factory-fitted parts used when your engine was built,” says Steve Andrews, Territory Sales Manager, Support Specialist — Parts Business Development, Volvo Penta. “With the right parts and the right specifications, all components work perfectly together — for safe and reliable functionality, maximum performance, and a long service life.”

Genuine Volvo Penta parts and accessories are covered by a standard 12-month warranty. When installed by an authorized Volvo Penta workshop, the warranty is doubled to 24 months, which includes the labor involved in the installation of the part.