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Webasto is a Verified Idle Reduction Technology Eligible for Funding Under the National Clean Diesel Campaign.

Fuel Operated Heaters(FOH) and Thermal Storage Systems(TSS) are both eligable for this funding. View EPA Website for more information

Trucks Heaters and Bunk Coolers

In today’s competitive marketplace, only the smart succeed. That’s why smart fleets and owner operators alike turn to Webasto for solutions to help stop idling their profits away while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Webasto engine-off heaters and bunk coolers offer a smart, affordable solution to one of the trucking industry’s most complex and costly issues: unnecessary idling. Webasto heaters and bunk coolers significantly reduce fuel costs, lower exhaust emissions, and reduce maintenance expenses.

Bus Heaters

Webasto bus market heaters are made to handle the elements. From sub zero mornings to chilly evenings...Count on our heaters to get your bus on the road. Our heaters go to work before drivers arrive, preheating the coolant in the engine and maintaining it’s temperature while in use. No cold starts mean less wear on the engine.

Nothing is more important than the comfort of drivers and passengers. Webasto coolant heaters defrost windshields and warm interiors without idling for hours. Because Webasto heaters reduce the need to idle for heat, less fuel is consumed. Less fuel used...lower operational costs.

Marine Heaters, Air Conditioners, Hatches & Portlights

Enjoy your vessel when you want to with Webasto's innovative marine heating, air conditioning, deck hatches and portlight systems. With Webasto C5, Complete Cabin Climate Comfort Control, boaters can deal with the elements much better and ultimately extend their boating season.

Rail Heaters and Air Conditioners

For today's Rail Authority, Webasto heating and air conditioning systems are customized to work for you with cool solutions & hot technology.

Off Highway Heaters and Air Conditioners

Webasto auxiliary heaters are designed to perform in the most demanding off-highway conditions. They offer an ideal solution for improving performance, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and increasing operator comfort for the widest variety of vehicles and machinery.

Versatile Webasto heaters are ideal for use in Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry & Logging, Industrial, and other off-highway applications. Available in rugged 12-Volt and 24-Volt Diesel systems, Webasto air and coolant heaters provide numerous advantages to operators, equipment and your bottom-line.

Cargo Van Heaters

The cargo distribution industry has long been concerned with product delivery issues. Operating in cold climate areas has created the need for in-transit climate control, mobile warehousing and heat recovery solutions.

Emergency Vehicle Heaters

Whether it's a preheater for a paramedic unit operating in cold climates or a compartment heater for a fire engine...Webasto saves the day. When lives are potentially on the line, operators need to be able to maximize their performance. With Webasto heaters...they can!

Recreational Vehicle Heaters

Depending on your destination and type of RV unit, Webasto offers a solution to engine preheat, interior heat and hot water capabilities. Forget the space heaters, electric blankets or noisy generator. Webasto provides heat with the engine off.

All Johnson & Towers and Johnson Truck Center Locations support Webasto, Click here to find contact information for the Branch closest to you