Detroit Diesel Genuine Parts


POWER GUARD filters are formulated with high-grade cellulose fibers or a combination of high-grade cellulose and fine synthetic fibers.

POWER GUARD PLUS filters are formulated with premium grade synthetic fibers for the highest performance and maximum protection for your engine.

Advantages and Benefits
- Designed to match Detroit Diesel requirements.
- Computer-controlled double-lock seam prevents leaks.
- High efficiency
- Easy installation an removal.


Advantages and Benefits
- Premium Analysis Program
- Detroit Diesel recommended engineering specifications built into test parameters
- Data history of fleet units kept on file for future evaluation.
- Online access to reports available 24 hours a day.
- Trend analysis available
- Quick oil analysis sent to regional labs
- Technical help available via phone, fax, or internet.

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FUEL-Pro makes a filter work better and last longer. When fuel enters the Fuel Pro heavy dirt and water fall to the bottom of the collection chamber. Below the filter. This makes for easy removal of the collected dirt and water, leading to longer filter life.

Features: Self-Priming Port, Clear Cover-See when to change Filters, Secondary Filter (Primary Location) Media with Waterproof coating, Optional Heater warms fuel passage and Filter Opening, Large-Inlet Check Valve, Brass Self-Venting Ball Drain Valve, Integral Bracket

Advantages and Benefits
- Seeing is Believing Technology makes it easy to see when the filter needs replacing.
- Helps protect injectors
- Self-cleaning
- Filter usage is reduced by 75%
- extended filter like last up to twice as long as other filters
- Ends unnecessary changes

Performance Parts


Patented ELEMAX extended-life filter elements, a new feature of the fuel Pro 382 series fuel processors, provide an accurate, visual method of determining when a fuel filter needs to be changed.

Features: Patented Vapor Control Valve prevents fuel from rising in the chamber until the filter media is completely spent, New Media - with a 5-micron rating @ 98% efficiency, New Performance Design. New outer wrap limits perforations to the lower half of the element.

- At least twice the life. Extensive field testing shows at least double the current Fuel Pro element life with ELEMAX.
- Dry Filter changes make for faster, cleaner, safer servicing.
- Easy disposal. just crash your dry filter and throw it away.

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During use, diesel engine tube oil gets contaminates with soot, dust, metal particles and water, causing excessive wear, black sludge, and bore-polishing. Up to 80% of the contaminants can easily pass through any main flow filter, harming the oil. More than half of all diesel engine problems can be traced back to this contamination. The NTZ filter has proven to reduce bore-polishing by up to 45% and cylinder liner and piston wear by up to 40%, leading to longer engine life before overhaul.

Features: High capacity for contaminant absorption, high water-absorption capacity, improved heat dissipation, no moving parts to service

- Improved engine performance
- Less downtime
- Increased engine life to overhaul
- Greater reliability

Performance Parts

reliabilt POWER PACKS

Downtime costs money. Changing a single injector usually pouts you in the shop for a minimum of 4 hours. Once the mechanic has the rocker cover removed, its only an additional hour or two to change to other 5 injectors. If one injector is worn out, chances are the other 5 aren't that far behind. it only makes sense to change all 6 at once. It makes even more sense to replace with Detroit Diesel POWER PACKS, they don't just save money at installation; they help restore the original power and performance engineered into your Detroit Diesel engine. The chart to the left shows how much money you can save by installing Detroit Diesel POWER PACKS.

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High Profile Chrome Components are now available both as original equipment and as retrofits to existing engines. These components are available as genuine service parts containing all-new chrome-plated castings. All plating is done to Detroit Diesel specifications. The parts, including the finish, are warranted as new service parts.
Engines can be customized with genuine chromed parts-one piece at a time or as a complete appearance package. All parts shown can be ordered through your normal service parts channel by referring to the individual "Chrome Part Numbers". You may order one or all of the parts; they are not sold as kits.
Complete option groups are available for new engine orders.

Performance Parts


Pre-charges with supplemental coolant additives in a low silicate, non-phosphate formula that helps prevent inhibitor dropout, scale deposits, and gel problems frequently associated with diesel engine cooling systems.

Advantages and Benefits
- Recommended as the preferred coolant for Detroit Diesel engines.
- Easy to test
- POWER COOL chemistry is used as a first fill by major truck manufacturers.
- Widely available
- Can be recharged with POWER COOL Supplemental Coolant Additives
- Reduced cost when compared to coolants requiring a separate pre-charge of supplemental coolant additives.

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POWER COOL PLUS Extended Life Diesel Engine Coolant is a patented, non-silicate, non-phosphate formula that eliminates inhibitor dropout and scale problems. POWER COOL PLUS keeps the cooling system running cooler and the component lasting longer while providing complete protection against corrosion, erosion and cavitation.
Features and Benefits
- 600,000 miles of cooling system protection with only one liquid extender addition at 300,000 miles
- Improved heat transfer
- Improved water pump file
- No chemical SCA coolant filters required
- Reduced hard water scale
- Excellent water pump life
- Lower overall coolant cost.

Performance Parts


- Need-Release automatically releases supplemental coolant additive only when your engine needs it.
- Unique inner element reacts to changes in coolant chemistry

Advantages and Benefits
- Premium SCA technology
- Replaces 5 to 8 ordinary coolant filters
- Filter life typically 15 months or 120,000 miles
- Eliminates scheduled coolant changes
- Technician records date and mileage on the filter when installed.

Performance Parts


Advantages and Benefits
- 3-way test for freeze point, nitrite level and contaminants.
- 1 minute field test for most cooling systems
- Designed exclusively for POWER COOL chemistry.
- Available exclusively as single foil wrapped strip, 10 count bottle or 50 count bottle for the shop.

Performance Parts


Features, Advantages and Benefits
- Premium Analysis Program
- Detroit Diesel recommended engineering built into test parameters
- Data history of fleet units kept on file for future evaluation
- Online access to reports 24 hours a day

Performance Parts


- Fully sealed lenses
- Vibration- resistant stud terminals
- Full dial illumination
- Rugged "stepper motor"

- Attractive face

Advantages and Benefits
- These long-life instruments are the most durable, best-performing and highest quality gauges in the market today.
- Easy to use. Anyone can read and program the tachometers and speedometers.
- The fully illuminated dial allows easy viewing of the readings.

Performance Parts


- 700 cold cranking amps
- Cover able to withstand steep tilts up to 90 degrees without leaking

- Armored Plated bonding system
- 180-minute reserve capacity

- Corrosion resistant studs
- Nationwide warranty
- Dependable starting in all temperatures
- Extended downtime prevention
- Ability to run today's power accessories

Performance Parts


ETHER Start is an automatic cold weather starting system that works with DDEC the engine's electronic control and sensors. When necessary, DDEC injects a small amount of ether into the air intake manifold before, during and after the engine cranking to guarantee that the engine starts the first time, every time. The ETHER Start System features a 12V or 24 V option, with 8 or 21 ounce recyclable canisters. The operator is notified with an indicator light when canister replacement is necessary. All kits are supplied without ether; cylinders must be ordered separately. AllOEM jits include only major components; they so not include electrical items, wire, connectors, terminals, fuses, etc.
Advantages and Benefits
- Longer Battery and starter life
- Longer engine life
- Reduction in white smoke

Performance Parts


Advantages and Benefits
- Eliminates all air and vapors from fuel
- Change filters with no prime loss
- Reduce fuel system stresses
- Smoother engine operation
- Full power performance
- Instant starts
- Less wear and tear on engine components

Performance Parts


Gasket Eliminator

- Makes formed-in-place gasket on close-fitting assemblies


- Prevents loosening and leakage of threaded fasteners

Pipe Sealant with Teflon
- Locks & seals metal, tapered pipes, threads and fittings
Anti-Seize Lubricant
- Protects mated metal parts against friction, galling, and corrosion
Ultra Blue RTV Silicone

- Fills gaps to 0.25"
- Excellent adhesion to oily surfaces and can be used to seal hot oil systems

Black RTV Silicone
- General Purpose, one part silicone
High Temperature Retaining Compound
- Prevents metal fretting & corrosion

Performance Parts


Advantages and Benefits
- Provides significant cost savings through idle reduction
- Can eliminate cold starts and warm-up time
- Eliminates damaging deep discharge battery cycles
- Reduces electrical system road calls
- Extends engine and battery life
- Accurately controls interior temperature; provides both heating and cooling

Performance Parts


ProDriver is a dashboard-mounted graphic display that monitors and records operational data transmitted by Detroit Diesel DDEC and other electronically controlled engines that comply with the latest standard for broadcasting data on the SAE diagnostic data link.

ProDriver accurately documents: Current instantaneous and average MPG, Trip time, miles, fuel, MPG, average speed, Cruise time, percentage, miles, fuel, MPG, Top gear miles, fuel, MPG, time and percentage, Over-rev time and percentage, Maximum speed and RPM, Automated oil change interval tracking

Why should you want ProDriver? The bottom line is ProDriver promotes operating cost reduction through increased fuel economy, improved driver performance and reduced maintenance expense.

Performance Parts


Horton repair kits are available to upgrade or repair you fan drive to its original specifications, utilizing the latest technology and featuring genuine Horton parts. The Super Kit includes upgrades that give old fan drive the same components and safeguards included in our new fan drives. The Major Kit offers you a low cost repair option to fit your specific needs. With all the same parts as the Super Kitm except the Piston Friction Disc, the Major Kit means you still receive original production quality parts, including the Advantage heavy-duty hub assembly. The Minor Seal Kit includes the parts necessary to repeat air leaks.

Performance Parts


The Detroit Diesel Prelub Systems a powerful engine pre-lubrication system that automatically builds engine oil pressure before the engine starts, ensuring that the engine oil passages, oil filters and all other critical parts are pressurized with oil before anything in the engine moves. The system has been proven in independent lab tests to reduce bearing and ring wear by up to 60%. The PRELUBE system also reduces dry start wear, which can happen in extreme weather conditions, after intermittent machine or engine shutdowns, or following routine oil changes. Reducing wear, increases your bottom line. The new OilEvac feature saves you time and labor by making oil changes fast, clean, and environmentally safe.
Features: 12 month warranty, Available on 6V, 8V, and 12V systems, Available with oil evacuation kit
Advantages and Benefits
- Can evacuate the sump of a 14L engine in less than 1 minute
- Oil filters can be installed empty
- Retrofits virtually all engines
- Increases engine life, lowers operating cost

Performance Parts


Features and Benefits
- 7 year/1- million mile warranty
- Patented silicon grommets circumvent the traditional brazed/welded tube to header joint and eliminate header cracks, tube cracks and tube to header failure
- Saves money, less downtime for repairs
- Maximum power, increased fuel mileage and extended engine life
- Engineered with stiffener pins to control manifold expansion (the leading cause of manifold cracks)
- Patented, high-heat, silicon-blended grommets allow free, uninhibited, thermally-induced core expansion and vibration absorption, eliminating two causes of premature failure in charge air coolers.

Performance Parts


A Jake Break Retarder does not stop a vehicle; it slows the vehicle significantly before the service brakes are even applied. When the driver's foot is removed from the accelerator to slow down forward momentum of the truck continues to turn the drive train and engine. The pistons continue to move up and down inside the cylinders. The Jake Brake opens the exhaust valves as the piston nears dead center on the compression stroke, releasing compressed air. The releasing of pressure inside the cylinder causes the drive train to stop turning, which slows the vehicle. Installing a Jake Brake on your Detroit Diesel engine has many advantages and benefits including:
- Service breaks can last up to 5 times longer.
- Longer lasting tires
- Jake Brake helps the engine run longer by reducing engine stress, helps it run at more constant temperatures, and removes carbon build-up in the exhaust system
- Higher resale value for your used truck