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Detroit Diesel produced the 2 cycle engine for over 70 years beginning in approximately 1938. Although mass production was stopped in 1998 for a variety of reasons there are in excess of a million 2 cycle engines still in the field operating on a regular basis.
Johnson & Towers, inc. has always been a solid proponent of the 2 cycle engine and still offers all the new & rebuilt components to rebuild or repair your engine.
Although Detroit Diesel had been purchased by MTU the future of the 2 cycle parts business is still very strong. MTU has invested millions of dollars in machinery to continue to support the 2 cycle parts business and is qualifying new vendors every day to keep an uninterrupted supply of parts flowing to our customers.
Whatever your needs, pistons, rings, liners, blowers, turbochargers or injectors call us when you need help. Our parts technicians are experienced and ready to serve.

Johnson & Towers has parts for all 2 Cycle Detroit Diesel engines

Series 53, Series 71, Series 92, Series 149

There’s only one way to rebuild your Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle. The right way.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Detroit Diesel 2-Cycles still going strong. To keep your 2-Cycle powering forward, use only genuine MTU Detroit Diesel parts. Our new and reliabilt® remanufactured parts and engines are built to precise engineering specifications. They’re backed by an MTU Detroit Diesel warranty, serviced by a global network of authorized distributors and dealers, and designed to work harmoniously for the good of your 2-Cycle engine. With our 2-Cycle Overhaul Parts Program, you can save money while you keep a very good thing going.


The Earth Kit includes all new cylinder kits, crankshaft main bearings, camshaft bearings (as required), connecting rod bearings, engine overhaul gasket kit, oil filter, primary and secondary fuel filters, oil (in appropriate volume) and coolant (in appropriate volume).


The Wind Kit includes turbocharger(s) and blower(s).


The Fire Kit includes a complete engine set of fuel injectors and a fuel pump.


The Water Kit includes an engine coolant water pump.

Complete Engine

Also consider a complete reliabilt® remanufactured engine or a reliabilt® remanufactured long block assembly. The engine includes state-of-the-art design enhancements and has been factory-tested to ensure maximum performance. Considering all the options, a reliabilit® remanufactured engine may be more cost and time efficient, and you can get extended service coverage when you purchase a complete reliabilt® remanufactured engine. Extended service coverages from two to five years are available for purchase.